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May 10, 2019

Sitges Beaches

Sitges Beaches have a common denominator, fine sand, clean water, beach bars, hammocks and a promenade that connects them to almost all of them. The beaches of Sitges are view promenade, houses era on the side going towards the West and the mountains of the Garraf’s background.  All the beaches of Sitges have a uniqueness and they are separated by long breakwaters formed with giant boulders that makes them unique among them. There are two beaches that are equal, this is the magic that give us the beaches of Sitges.

Terramar Beach

Terramar Beach has if you name by the neighborhood as well as the Hotel Terramar in Sitges has it also. Some guys caught the bar that had and have it modernizes giving a Chill out that has causes very good impressions among the local people of Sitges. Such is the success that people come in the evenings to enjoy a drink and enjoy the sunset.

The Sausolito Beach

It is not its original name but Sausolito is a bar that takes decades on this beach and the good reputation of this beach is partly because of this bar which has made it a beach amusement wanting. Since a few years the bar has been modernized and is at attached to fashion the good cocktail, sun loungers with mattresses and good music.
The beach is spectacular, cala effect by the single Pier that has an L shape which makes collecting much fine sand on the beach and 2 artificial islands made of blocks of solid rock many many years ago. Without a doubt our favorite beach.

On the beach there is a kayak rental company to to paddle a little to the West now that the beaches were just.

Beach Estanyo – Alberto Beach

Personally I like to call it Alberto Beach. This new name is due to Alberto, a man who has modernized this beach with hammocks in design and a good cocktail. There is also a bar that is growing in recent years which is called Babalu where you can eat some good salads and enjoy good music.
This beach is quite large and is filled with people also. Some of my favorites to come with friends.

Balmins Beach

This small beach is located in the Aiguadolç neighborhood. It is a beach very charming hidden under a small cliff. Arguably, it is the beach preferred by residents of this neighborhood since it keeps a natural form and from it we hide all kinds of construction in sight.

Said that the Balmins beach is nudist but it is not quite true. One end of the beach is a nudist, but the other end, where is the snack bar, it is not. For the more susceptible this beach of the Marina or the Sant Sebastian de Sitges beach as alternatives.
Sand fine, quiet and the view of the Mediterranean. A combination to make it unite with the bar and a few hammocks makes it one of the most popular beaches of Sitges.

Sant Sebastian Beach

The famous Sant Sebastián de Sitges beach that everyone outside question where is. What is this beach which has to consider it one of the best of the Catalan coast? They could be their views after the restaurant nursery, views of the old town of Sitges or simply your ride with much charm filled with good restaurants and bars with terraces. The Sant Sebastián de Sitges beach is known for being a comfortable Beach to spend the whole day. Combine the beach with a long pause to eat at one of its restaurant a good rice sat on the terrace shaded or for the most enthusiastic following in the Sun getting morenito.

Is well worth strolling along the beach at sunset and enjoy a good cocktail in one of its bars.

The Marina Beach

The beach of the Marina of Sitges is the only beach that is away from the beautiful beaches of Sitges set. It is a long beach with beautiful views to the rugged costa del Garraf on the one hand and the port of Sitges on the other. It is one of the favorite beaches for surfers to catch some waves at sunset. Tien a Chiringuito mochas tables and hammocks.

La Fragata Beach

The beach which is the skirt of the Church of Sant Bartolomeu de Sitges. It is not the most beautiful beaches of Sitges but it is having more activities to do. It looks a beautiful sailing yacht club where all boats are moored on the sand. Here you can rent any of dinghy sailing, kayaking or jet boat as there are courses in the summer of days and weeks.  There are also 3 volleyball courts for those who want to practice this sport. In the evenings, when the Sun diminishes, there are many local people in Sitges coming to hang out and play a game of volleyball. Ourselves are often playing.

The Ribera Beach

It is one of the beaches with more people. It is sometimes difficult to put the towel. Experts come soon in the morning to have his already reserved zone. Because it is the beach of Sitges with more people? Maybe there simply because that is closer to the Centre and is perfect for what you refuse to walk a little more. Beach bars, sun loungers, good atmosphere you not missing.

Bassa Rodona Beach

This is one of the beaches of Sitges Gay par excellence together with that of the dead man. This beach is opposite the hotel Calipolis on the seafront. Most popular yearly, more tanned men and design between those who occupy it.

Dead Man Beach

This curious beach is located half-way along the coast between Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú.

It is a nudist beach where half is an integer and the other half is gay.  The ride to get to the beach is lovely, paths of Earth and stones with ups and downs, typical Mediterranean pine trees, shrubs and cliffs. The views, the landscape is completely different from the rest of beaches of Sitges. The gay Beach has a beach bar.
This beach is which is further away from the Centre of Sitges, about 50 minutes walk from the Centre. You can take a taxi until the old nightclub Atlantis about 10 EUR and from here walk about 10 minutes more.

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